A new gas production technology has been developed at Songhai; it is a pyrolyzer that runs on cashew shells. The goal is to produce heat (from steam) to be used in pasteurization of certain products at the factory of the Songhai Centre in Porto Novo. The pyrolyzer is a device that allows heat to be generated by decomposition or carbonization of the organic material under high temperature. Thus, the cashew nut shells of incinerated inside the device, and produce a flammable gas. Burned, this gaz creates a high heat, recovered in a boiler which produces enough steam for pasteurization at the industry level. The incinerated cashew nut shells are then recovered to be used for soil fertilization. From here forward the pyrolyzer which was created in October 2015, in collaboration with NGOs CEFREPADE, under the technical supervision of its representative Mr. Thierry Godjo, Professor at the University of Lokossa, no material will be lost in the process of transformation of cashew nuts whose shells were once neglected because of the toxicity of the oil they contain, despite their potential to create a lot of energy. By installing this device we are stengthening the platform of renewable energy Songhai Centre in Porto Novo.


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