bio transformation

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Primary production without further processing minimizes value. This is an important obstacle for economic development. To overcome this obstacle, at Songhai, we have invested in agribusiness, mechanical and machinery manufacturing as forms of secondary production.

We process, by ourselves and on site, the products of agricultural production using simple and natural processes and effective technologies that are easily accessible. Palm-nuts, for example, are processed into palm oil and palm kernel oil that we use for various purposes, such as making soap. We reuse the cake residue from our feed mills by mixing it with other materials to make feed for animals and livestock. We accomplish this through the ingenuity of our technicians in the Machinery Department, who develop and manufacture all kinds of machines that are adapted to our needs and various products (rice, palm oil, fruit juice, palm kernel oil, gari [from cassava tubers], animal feed, drying, etc). But we do not manufacture these machines only for our own needs. We make them available for sale, at reduced cost, so they are affordable and others are able to acquire them to boost their own production. In order to preserve the environment, most of the pieces we use to build our machines – aluminum or other materials – are the result of recycling and fusing together metal objects that we have collected. This is the creative work of the Songhai Foundry.

In addition to our mini-food production industries, some years ago we installed a new factory for producing fruit juice and drinking water. Based on what we have learned and implemented, we have developed a reputation for high-quality products. Products such as tomatoes, mangoes, and pineapples which are marketed under the Songhai label have been preserved in accordance with the highest standards.

Our industrial zone also includes facilities for manufacturing unit packaging such as bottles for juices, and other plastic products. To makes these products, we collect plastic wastes from the environment and process them for use in our plastic recycling unit. The latest achievement in our industrial park is a new factory for producing floating pellets for fish. We can produce one ton of these pellets per hour.

At Songhai Center, synergy and recycling is not just speech. It is concrete and effective way of life and doing business. 




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