Forty nine (49) young producers from Rural Promotion Centers (CPR) in Burkina-Faso completed their internship at Songhai Centre on Monday, September 28, 2015. They left, better equipped to improve their production techniques and take a better part in the agricultural development of their country.

Sanou Abdouramane, 25, chose to strengthen his capacities in fish farming. Back home, he hopes to associate this activity with vegetable production that he undertook after his training in one of the Rural Promotion Centers (CPR) in Burkina-Faso. This young producer has a clear idea of ​​how he will proceed with the integration of his activities: using small ponds in his garden to rear fish and processing some garden products into complementary feed for fish. For Kanyoulou Edébié Carine, the training period in Songhai Centre in Savalou was on how to raise pigs. She noticed that although these animals are hardy, special emphasis was placed on their hygiene. When back home, she also hopes to implement each of the concepts learnt in Songhai where she would have liked to stay longer as they did not have much practice in the CPR. Both producers are very happy to discover the integrated system, like their other compatriots who participated in the training.

The Director of Songhai was also happy to hear that there has been no complaint during the whole month of the training. Better still, their behavior on the field was much appreciated by trainers, who reported it to the Director during the certificate ceremony. This amazed Father Godfrey Nzamujo who decided to send a satisfaction letter to the heads of the West African Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP-Burkina Faso), the main supporter of the capacity-building program for rural development actors in Burkina Faso.


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