They can now heave a sigh of relief, the agricultural trainees of the 51st batch in Songhai Centre / Ouando. Released on Friday, January 2, 2015, they received their training completion certificate on Saturday, February, 7. This was during a ceremony attended by family members, friends and teachers, and during which the best three trainees of the batch were awarded. In the first position was Pelagie Y. Gnigla, who performed fairly well with an average of 13.33 and was awarded with a free computer training course, two turkeys (male and female) and a “farming kit” consisting of a wheelbarrow, a watering can, a rake, a machete, a daba and a hoe. In the second and third positions were Ulrich Chanvoédou (average of 13.33) and Paul Ahokou (average of 13.10) respectively received a free computer training course and an agricultural kit. Seven (07) of the trainees did not graduate and will write their examinations again with the trainees of the 52nd batch. The 51st batch trainees of Songhai Centre / Ouando were a total of 62 trainees including 16 girls.


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