Songhai Center has the green light to continue its actions in agricultural entrepreneurship promotion in Benin. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation signed on Thursday, January 26, 2017, the renewal of the headquarters agreement between the Government of Benin and the Non-Governmental Organization. The ceremony took place at the Ministry in Cotonou, in the presence of members of the diplomatic corps in Benin, representatives of agencies of the United Nations in Benin, as well as other friendly associations and NGOs.

It is a gesture that strengthens the cooperation relationships between Songhai and Benin government. Benin government decided to renew the agreement first signed with Songhai on 11 May 1990, in view of the efforts made by the center to fight poverty and rural exodus in Africa, and particularly in Benin. “Your NGO has become the hope of the African continent to meet the threefold challenge of poverty, environment and youth employment,” said Minister Aurelien Agbénonci’s representative, who had to leave after signing the document. Marc Hermanne Araba, representing the Minister – then acknowledged the contribution of Songhai Center, since its commissioning in Benin in 1985, to the improvement of the living standards of the populations, the promotion of agriculture and the training of youths in entrepreneurship agricultural

On Songhai side, we remain convinced that Benin Government is doing well by renewing its trust in the NGO. “Songhaï is among the organizations that have realized that we have reached a point in history that calls for deeper and wider dynamics and orientations than all the attempts we have seen so far,” emphasized the director of Songhai Center during the ceremony. This is why the NGO is working to find innovative solutions to deal systemically with the challenges of the continent.

With the renewal of this headquarters agreement, Songhai Center will be able to continue its actions more easily for an integrated agriculture that is sustainable, profitable and above all respectful of the environment.


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