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Faced with the many challenges and problems of present days (environmental, demographic, poverty …), promoters of Songhai decided to get into a proactive vision of a transformative organization of developing companies. Songhai has initiated a unique example of functional training system based on the know-how transmitted by masters who truly imbibe moral, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the society. For several years it has invested to produce a critical mass of men and women equipped with a new type of moral, organizational and technical capacities. It is a new body of human resources, transformed men and women with a new entrepreneurial culture.

It is to restore the concept of ” Mentor – Mentee ” all its content, the “know- how ” whereby people learn to change their mindsets, where men and women are faced with their responsibilities, where they learn to be involved in their development, real entrepreneurs -creators with facilitators and leaders of the entrepreneurial space. In so doing, Songhaï has created the basis for a functional, human, technical and economic rooting for the entrepreneurial culture in Africa and around the world.

This new type of man is a combination of knowledge, personal skills and know -how, is illustrated in the diagram below.


The Songhai training therefore covers both human development (awakening to self-confidence, responsibility, creativity, risk-taking to support oneself, openness to others) and economic development (agriculture, livestock, fish-farming, renewable energy, agribusiness, appropriate technologies), forming a sustainable integrated agricultural system. It leads to the incubation of human resources with a legal, technical, organizational and managerial authority. This system of training helps the youths to be in the driver’s seat, endowed with functional capacities for creation and management of viable and competitive agricultural enterprises.

They have at their disposal a package of Professionals that makes them competitive and versatile.

They can be classified into three categories:

  1. The Professionals: (versatile technicians able to master production gestures everywhere);


  2. Farm-managers: who can mobilize and manage human, financial, technological and material resources to create goods and services that meet the needs and desires of the community;


  3. Inventive and creative entrepreneurs: with reflex and entrepreneurial culture to channel and transform the opportunities available to them.

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