It’s his meeting with Bill Gates, the man considered to be the richest in the world, two days earlier, who made him decide an impromptu visit to Songhai in Porto Novo on Saturday, June 27, 2015. Lionel Zinsou, the Prime Minister of Benin Government, needed urgent information on Songhai to communicate to the founder of Microsoft, but also to his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which invests primarily in agriculture, education and health.

Songhai Centre is already in partnership with Benin Government in the promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship Project (PPEA) for the socio-economic transformation of rural areas in Benin. Lionel Zinsou intends to accelerate the replication of the model throughout the country and monitor the training and setting up of the youths trained under this project. He also plans to strengthen Government’s actions in the field of renewable energies, in relation to agriculture. The importance of these projects has led Lionel Zinsou right a few days after taking office, to undertake to meet investors and convince them of the business opportunities offered by Benin in these sectors. The Prime Minister then met Bill Gates and exchanged with him about Songhai. As Bill Gates expressed the need for additional information, Lionel Zinsou then visited Songhai in Porto Novo this Saturday June 27. He used the occasion to rediscover the center he had visited in the past. A dialogue will soon be established between Songhai and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Lionel Zinsou informs that the boss of Microsoft might as well visit Songhai.



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