The Training Department of Songhai Ouando met this May 21, 2016 in Porto-Novo with parents of the 56th batch of trainees. The purpose of the meeting is to do with them the assessment of the first three months of training and have their increased involvement in the supervision and monitoring of their children.

Since the end of March 2016, the trainees have completed three months of immersion in the world of agricultural entrepreneurship, out of the eighteen months of the training duration. According to Martin Voglozin, head of the Training department, this is the discovery phase. During this phase, the trainees have discovered most of the production units of Songhai. The overall objective is to allow them to be imbibed in the integrated system of the Centre and which is one of its peculiarities of the training. The next phase is that of specialization which lasts fifteen months. It allows trainees after the discovery, to be trained specifically in some fields of activities based on the trainee’s aspirations and projects, on completion of the training.

For this phase of discovery, records reveal that the ninety-seven (97) trainees have an average level. According to statistics provided, scores vary between 14.55 and 11.00. The top of the class, Berger Padis M.Atingligue is followed respectively by Georges Kanlan Douvo (14.41) and Romuald Bocovou (14.39).

Reassured and comforted, parents went home proud of their children and convinced that they have not made a wrong choice by sending their children for training at Songhai. But beyond belief and pride, they must now consider supporting the efforts of their children when their training is completed. Songhai sees this as important and reminded parents. “It is important that at the end of the program, trainees have access to a portion of land on which they can set up their own farms.” emphasized the Head of Training Department who added that “this is what will help measure the impact ofthe training on the trainees and their communities”.


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