The objectives of the group of 26 professors from the Agricultural University of Umudike in Abia State Nigeria, on a study visit to Songhai Centre in Porto Novo from 12 to 16 May were to visit Songhai to understand its integrated system and exchange with management for a possible collaboration between the institution and their university. Accompanied by the Rector and Vice-Rector of the University, the professors had a comprehensive tour of the center on Tuesday, May 13, 2015. Following this visit led by Fr Nzamujo with whom they met later at the end of a PowerPoint presentation, the visitors watched some videos on Songhai. They also visited the production units of their choice, to see practically the Songhai concept and appreciate more closely the activities. Other working sessions with Fr Nzamujo informed the visitors about the different types of partnerships that the Agricultural University can establish with Songhai. This was very important for the two officials leading the delegation. As a biologist, the Rector of the University of Umudike was very impressed to see how Songhai works with nature, using microorganisms to fertilize soils, a practice sidelined in temperate countries, according to the Rector, who will retain from his visit to Porto Novo that “in Songhai, the soil is maintained as it was formed originally by the Creator”. The delegation also visited Songhai site in Kétou.


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