A few days to the end of their training in Songhai, the trainees of the 52nd batch had a nice surprise for Father Nzamujo, founder and director of Songhai where they had their training in agricultural entrepreneurship for eighteen months.

A big portrait of the person they consider as the “Guru of agriculture in Africa,” was the present that they offered Fr. Nzamujo on Saturday, June 27, 2015, during a very simple but emotional meeting they held. Karine Khola, the spokesman of the trainees explained that their gesture is the expression of their gratitude, but also “a sign of recognition for all the actions undertaken by Fr. Nzamujo in the field of integrated and sustainable agriculture”. According to Karine, this is in addition to the consecration of a remarkable journey “made of competence, professionalism and affection for others.” The life of the man they are honoring is “not the result of chance,” they claimed. This is what they want to show from the acrostic written from the name and first name of the Director. Finally, Karine Kohla requested Fr Nzamujo to kindly give them advice that they will follow for the rest of their training.

Fr. Nzamujo expressed that his struggle is not a wasted energy, looking at the evidence and the gesture of these trainees. He said that their action demonstrates their maturity and they are now considered full members of Songhai family, before promising them that he will ensure they succeed the second phase of their training; the application phase, which lasts one year. All the members of the batch, demonstrating determination, availability to work, will not remain unemployed, he reassured them, inviting them to maintain and cultivate in them tirelessly these qualities and values ​​they have acquired during their training at Songhai. “You are already equipped morally, technically, physically and spiritually” to “move forward and make a difference”; “to make your first steps into active life,” he told them. He closed by reminding them: “You’ll just have to keep in mind that he, who has knowledge, holds great power. To do this, you must continually seek to learn, create, innovate … without ever stopping”.


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