A group of twelve Ugandan youths sent by their Government are on training in Songhai Center in Porto-Novo since Monday, November 6th. The best of them, who will be empowered after this training, on the site of Songhai Center at Kampiringisa in Uganda.

The replication of Songhai Green Rural City Model in Uganda has indeed entered its active phase. Last August, a mission of Songhaï Center officials was in Uganda for a visit to the site which will host the development model in Kampiringisa in Uganda. A few weeks later, a joint delegation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ugandan Ministry of Labor, carried out a study visit to Songhai in Porto-Novo and Savalou. The discovery of the development model based on agriculture then convinced them very quickly of the need to reproduce it in their country. Madam Mukwaya Janat Baluno, Minister of Gender, Labor and Social Affairs then promised, during her stay in Porto-Novo, to send young Ugandans for training…

Out of thirteen (13), twelve (12) could actually make the trip. They were welcomed by the Training Team and the Project Replication Coordinator in Songhai, who spoke to them about the Center’s rules and regulations. Among other principles discussed were discipline, rigor and punctuality, which they will have to follow during the two months that will spend for the training. It was also an opportunity for Charlemagne Sitondji, the project coordinator in Songhai, to remind them of the importance of this training: the best among them will be recruited and empowered on the Songhai-Uganda site to continue the work started by technicians sent from Porto-Novo. Already, two of them were dispatched at the beginning of this month of November to start crop and animal production activities.


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