Apart from the agro-tourism and many other services to which they are entitled, the visitors of Songhai Centre and the people of Porto Novo and surroundings are now offered pleasant moments of relaxation and recreation in and around a swimming-pool. The infrastructure was officially commissioned on December 24, 2014. This was done by Br Sidbé Sempore and François de Meideros from the Dominican congregation.

This pool which adds value to the beautiful work of Songhai has its place in the center, according to Brother Sidbe Sempore. It is, a place where the staff, users of the center and especially the children, will enjoy themselves. They will find in this pool this essential element of nature which is water; the water that carries all of life“. In addition to the symbol of life it represents, the pool introduces the user to a new concept of this life, as suggested by Brother François de Meideros “it is another way to see life, not so narrow but so stuffy in cities; a way to develop the art of living outdoors, living well, to seek health otherwise“. The Songhai swimming-pool carries many meanings and for Fr Godfrey Nzamujo, the Director, it is the expression of connectivity to life embodied by water.

Following the speeches and ribbon cutting, guests, users, curious people and Songhai staff were conducted in a tour of the pool which comes in the form of a ‘ T ”. 2meter deep, the large pool is 250 square meters while the small pool is 66 square meters, with a depth of 1.20 meters. The children’s pool is 0.70 meters. With an overall cost of construction estimated at about thirty (30) million CFA francs, the Songhai swimming pool is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:00 p.m.

A swimming demonstration and cocktail ended this official commissioning ceremony of the Songhai pool in which Dominique Houénou and Soliath Adéomi made the first official dive at 16.48 pm.


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