The fourth batch of Development leaders in Songhai soon


  • A willingness and desire to undergo personal transformation and gradually join the development vision of the Songhai model
  • Ambition for one’s life and for the development of one’s community
  • Open-mindedness and ability for personal change
  • Demonstration of enlightenment, innovation, and curiosity

1. Age : 25-35 years

 2. Responsibility andmission:

  • Be able to manage Songhai units and centers according to the values​​ and vision of the Songhai model
  • Serve as ambassadors of Songhai and be able to participate in replicating the development of the Songhai model in other regions.

3. Qualifications:

  • Technical skills: Proven experience of at least 5 years
  • Language skills: Good knowledge of French and English(spoken and written)
  • Personal qualities:
    • Versatile
    • Endurance
    • Able to develop effective relationships:able to work successfully with everyone
    • Attention to quality work and organization: planning, reporting, and efficiency
    • Autonomy : have a good capacity for initiative and decision-making
    • Good listening and communication skills
    • Compliance with Songhai Leadership Academy statutes and regulations: Discipline
    • Strongability to adapt
    • Be passionate about agriculture and want to grow in this environment
    • Good knowledge of information and communication technology.

Applicants should fill out the form below before 15th March 2017

To be filled: SLA-Applicant Form

Starting Date: 15th June 2017


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