The incubation framework established by Songhai to bring out three categories of a new type of men and women includes:

  • The entrepreneurial framework: it includes:

            –    The technological park where new ideas and techniques are designed, developed, shared and contextualized and

           –   The industrial park where the techniques and ideas are transformed into companies and many types of activities, grouped together to produce a synergy and integration.

The technological Park and the Industrial Park /production platform are real “spaces” of incubation of new skills. We call them the components of the incubation “space”.

             –    Songhai trainers: they are teachers (mentors) who truly imbibe moral, spiritual and intellectual dimensions of the society and transmit the “know how” to trainees. They are the true leaders and leaders of the entrepreneurial space.

  • The living environment: it includes:

           –  Boarding (hostels and canteens, etc.). This comes in fostering the entrepreneurial park. They are places of learning the expression of community life and the implementation of human values ​​(spiritual, moral, social, etc.) that Songhai promotes. Hostel life helps the trainee to follow the principles of life that the entrepreneur faces in his/her business.

In summary, the hostel and canteen are learning elements of life ethic, better living and to create a real social human ascent.

             The primary Health-care: The clean living environment, food and Sick-bay: it helps the learner to prevent diseases. It ensures the well-being of the trainee therefore directs his/her behavior and assists him/her in first-aid if necessary.

  • The framework for Leisure: Living as a team and accepting one another is in the structure of recreation and games. Recreational areas are a means of expression of talents other than agricultural and cultural diversity that galvanize business life of the learner on boarding. It is also a change of activity which allows the learner to ventilate his mind and better prepare to absorb more.
  • The administrative framework: it is the guarantor for integrity (the refusal to compromise) and responsibility. It provides policy guidance and oversees the implementation of programs and training activities following the mission of Songhaï.
  • The research framework and Professionals: lectures, conferences, screenings of videos that convey ideas aligned with our philosophy and library, provide support to the teacher and the learner to deepen their knowledge through confrontation of the practice on the ground compared to the theoretical data for selective absorption of knowledge.

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