189 candidates were recruited out of the 446 who applied for the test on all sites Songhai in Benin. They started their training on January 4. At Songhai Ouando (Porto Novo), an official ceremony, was held with the participation of relatives and friends of the future agricultural entrepreneurs. In this ceremony, the trainers of the center explained the training program to all participants.

The recruitment test at Songhai Centre took place from 1st to 5th December 2015. At Songhai Ouando, they were 318 youths (including 41 girls) to go through the various recruitment steps: endurance, knowledge (written) and psychological test. In Parakou and Savalou sites, 74 candidates (including 08 girls) and 54 (including 03 girls) respectively went through the same test. Ultimately, 95 candidates were admitted in Porto-Novo; 20 were sent to Savalou and 5 to Parakou, to complete the number of recruited trainees on both sites. This brings the total number of trainees recruited for the test in December 2015 to 50 and 44 for sites Savalou and Parakou respectively.

The training lasts 18 months; Three months for the discovery of the various production units of the Centre and 15 months for specialization. After that, they are admitted to the practice phase which lasts one year, an opportunity for them to implement the project by which they were evaluated at the end of their training, and gradually get used to social life. Throughout this phase, the trainees are monitored and supervised by trainers.

Finally, while the 56th batch of trainees are starting their training in Songhai Ouando (Porto Novo), those of the 53rd batch, a total of 76 youths including 16 girls were graduating on January 1, 2016. In February, they will receive their training completion certificate, before being confirmed agricultural entrepreneurs after the practice phase.


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