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A machine used for threshing, winnowing and densimetric separation is the type of equipment that was built in the Songhai Center Mechanics/Fabrication workshop in Porto-Novo, after a training organized from 16 to 27 January 2017 by The Rice Center for Africa (AfricaRice) with the financial support of the German Cooperation (GIZ) in Benin.

This training is part of the activities of the Green Innovation Centers for the Agri-Food Sector (GIAE) in Benin. It is a project of the German government – implemented by AfricaRice – that seeks to “accelerate the process of agricultural innovation for the poorest rural populations” and “contribute to food security”.

Thus, some fifteen artisans from the 12 municipalities of the project intervention and some technicians of Songhai Center took part in the training. These local artisans will then be able, according to the project coordinator, Dr. Bert Meertens, “to make a little more popular the use of this new generation machine “, designed to revolutionize rice farming in Benin.

With a capacity of 2.5 tons per hour, the machine has a minimum lifespan of 10 years or more if properly maintained. It will be of great use to rice framing groups and cooperatives. That is why the participants in the training were invited to share the knowledge once they are back in their respective communities.

Partner of AfricaRice for several years, Songhai Center already hosted a first edition of this training in 2014. “The environment of the Center suits very much for such trainings; The Center has the required technical equipment with a possibility of accommodation and catering on site, “acknowledged Dr. Bert Meertens, justifying the choice of the institution to host trainings organized by AfricaRice.


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