From 1st to 4th June 2016, the Training Department of Songhai Centre has recruited new farmer students.

The results were announced in the afternoon of Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Songhai Centre in Porto Novo. They revealed that they will be 145 aspiring young agricultural entrepreneurs to start training early July. In case of withdrawal by any admitted candidate, 15 others on a supplementary list will then come in as replacements. In total therefore, 160 new recruits, including 22 women. They will be distributed on different Songhai sites in Benin.

At Ouando in Porto-Novo, there will be 100 students in this 57th set. The remaining will be distributed as follows: 35 will be in Kpakpassa, Savalou site and 10 in Atagara, Parakou site. According to one of the heads, these new recruits will start on July 4, 2016 on all Songhai sites mentioned. The training program lasts 18 months. After this, the graduating farmers will then participate in the application phase of 1 year which allows new farmers to experience the realities of agricultural entrepreneurship with old graduates already confirmed farmers.

The Selection

201 applications were registered for this recruitment. Distributed according to levels of education, primary school level, junior high school and university entrance and more, candidates were tested in three areas. The first is endurance. At this stage, the physical fitness of candidates is assessed through the practice of various agricultural activities such as weeding, plowing, etc. Next comes the interview in which the motivations of candidates, their ability to adapt to the integrated system and the objectives in taking part in the training are assessed. The third test is a written one to evaluate the general knowledge of candidates.

Let’s recall that candidates passing the test benefit from free training at Songhai. During the 18 months, accommodation, food and primary health care are fully provided and supported by Songhai.


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