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Just like a compass, a vision that is clearly translated into a mission to be achieved, helps an organization move forward. Every action and every achievement of Songhai, and what we mean to live and promote, stems from our vision and our mission. They are at the service of life and its dynamics.


Songhai is motivated primarily by happiness! The desire for happiness is the impetus for sustainable socio-economic development. There is no happiness in food insufficiency, the current African rural exodus and brain drain, an import-dependent economy, environmental degradation, loss of hope for the future among young people, subsistence agriculture, and devaluation of the opportunity that comes with excessive population growth.

This constant and permanent desire for happiness has always driven us. We are participating in the search for happiness, not only selfishly for ourselves, but for the greatest number of humans in Africa and elsewhere.


Each of us is a unique treasure, full of capabilities. Songhai aims to develop and share all of these talents in order to become more efficient.

Songhai is here to overthrow the world order that seems set where Africa is always the last of the class and the poor are treated with compassion in the best of cases, but most often with disdain when one feels on the winner’s side.

We want to help restore the dignity of the Black Man, restore confidence and hope, and offer Africa a new image by taking it out of the cycle of poverty and placing it in charge of its own destiny.


The future of Africa lies in its lands, its climate, and its agricultural work, which is so poorly appreciated in the continent today. At Songhai, we want to restore nobility to farm work that helps young people choose not to suffer and to provide service in creating wealth for their families, their countries, and their continent, through a functional training based on knowledge, skills, and a value system. We aim to produce a critical mass of men and women with a new entrepreneurial culture and who are equipped morally, technically, and spiritually with organizational skills. We provide technologies and methods that enhance local resources and improve production, while respecting the environment and society.


We have the ability to drive the momentum of growth, the levers to control the future, and wealth to acquire resources and develop in order to reverse the misery:

  • Bio-environmental capital, the first treasure .
  • Human resources that are the second lever for genuine and sustainable development.
  • The social force debate, talking to resolve conflict, and recognition of the importance among people.
  • Technologies and techniques–the skills to produce and process are the fourth capital.
  • The capital of finance, commerce, trade, not a speculative finance but that related to production, at the service social and technological innovations.


Our approach is systemic, as for us everything is interconnected. We believe in the synergies that develop from several relations. So, livestock, crop production, energy production, and aquaculture energize each other. We can go even further with our services — marketing, innovation, research — and thus appear green rural cities. Linking together makes an incredible effectiveness and that is what we experience daily through the Songhai Integrated System.




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