A contingent of the Naval Forces of Nigeria was on a study visit to Songhai Center, Ouando in Porto Novo on Friday, 28 April 2017. The men in uniform came to discover the various activities carried out by the Center and get an idea of its contribution to solving the problem of unemployment, in the current unfavorable socio-economic context.

When a person is unemployed or underemployed, he or she is more vulnerable to attempts to commit acts of terrorism, robbery, or other crimes that may affect the security of States, persons or their property. That is the reason why the army is interested in the impact of underemployment and unemployment in countries, in order to develop strategies that can prevent or allow a prompt response to acts of insecurity. The visit to Songhai Center, Ouando in Benin by the 39th batch of the Nigerian Military Staff Course is in this framework. It will help students of the General Staff School of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to produce a paper on “The Impact of underemployment in different socio-economic contexts “, based on the realities of each of the countries surrounding Nigeria.

At the end of the visit, Lieutenant-Commander Abdulsalam Mohamed was very edified. From Songhai, he will keep three main concepts: the development of value chains, the zero-waste system and the training of youths to self-employment and job creation. “If this project could be extended to many other regions, it would solve the problem of unemployment and reduce the insecurity and crimes perpetrated here and there in Africa,” said the senior officer.


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