Adrian Haye, newly appointed head of the French Development Agency in Benin, set out to establish contact with the institutions with which the agency is collaborating. It is in this context that he visited Songhai Center, Ouando in Porto-Novo on Friday 22 September.

He was welcomed by Father Nzamujo with whom he exchanged a lot before the visit of the Center. This visit helped the new director to see firsthand the activities carried out in the Center. Adrien Haye did not fail to exclaim his amazement at the many discoveries he made during the visit. He was very interested in the integrated system, the fish farm complex, the plastic recycling, the foundry … in short, the dynamism of the Center.

Songhaï is in partnership with the AFD on several projects, including Songhai Leadership Academy, a project for the training of a critical mass of human resources, equipped with moral, technical and organizational skills to face the challenge of development in Africa.

Discover here some pictures of the visit…


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