In her position as Resident Representative of the World Bank in Benin since July 2015, Katrina Asharkey nourished the desire to visit Songhai. On Saturday 25 June, she finally satisfied this desire.

Accompanied to Songhai by Lucy Tamlyn, Ambassador of the United States of America in Benin, Katrina Asharkey visited the Centre’s production units, including the agro-food processing unit, the garden, the renewable energy platform, the production factories (juice, soap, pellet, plastic bottles and others), recycling of plastic waste, fish farming, etc.

Punctuated with explanations, the tour led by the Director of the Centre, Fr Godfrey Nzamujo, allowed the World Bank boss in Benin to understand the Songhai development model based on agricultural entrepreneurship and the economy of communion. Surprise and wonder were the feelings that could be easily read on the face of Madam Asharkey. Stressing that “The World Bank is very involved in a number of areas including agriculture, environment, energy, competitiveness, improved governance, health, social protection, “she noted that” the activities of Songhai are related to many of these areas including job creation; and I am very impressed, very impressed“.

No matter the number of times one has visited Songhai, one could not help but visit again and again. This is what Lucy Tamlyn explained that it is not her first visit to Songhai: “I came back again because I know there is always something new to discover here. And I was not disappointed because I discovered many new things in the gas production sector; and was also very impressed by other activities”.

Before leaving Songhai, the delegation exchanged with Fr Godfrey Nzamujo.


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