He will now speak of Songhai with great pride in all the instances where he finds himself; Ydo Yao, the regional director of UNESCO for eight (8) African countries including Benin, is the new ambassador for Songhai Center after a visit to the Center in Porto Novo on Saturday, 17th June 2017.

The regional director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, who came as a simple visitor who had heard all the good things about Songhai, took upon himself the mission to talk about Songhai Center around him and “encourage more people to visit the Center to touch the reality and realize that development is possible in Africa through agriculture”. In this sense, everyone has a role to play, according to Ydo Yao. Authorities, policy-makers and other African leaders should be mobilized to assist young people who are “seriously anxious” to develop the agricultural sector to come to Songhai and get inspired by its development model and also see to what extent, this can be replicated in the sub-region. For if there is one thing that the UNESCO representative is more convinced of after his visit to Songhai, it is that Agriculture remains “the primary sector that provides employment in Africa and which can help solve the unemployment problem on the continent if wise investments are made in it “. In so doing, it will be possible to cope with the challenges of climate change by promoting green jobs.

At the end of a tour led by Fr Godfrey Nzamujo, director of Songhai, the regional director of UNESCO said he was “amazed” by the quality of work that is done at Songhai and also the leadership of Fr Nzamujo, for everyone to always remain productive and aware of his role for the development of the continent.


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