He had heard so many wonders about Songhai. That is why, using the opportunity of a stay in Benin, he decided to come and see for himself the wonders he heard of this Center. Alex Deprez, Director of the USAID West Africa Regional Mission, visited Songhaï Regional Center in Porto-Novo on Sunday 18 June. He was welcomed by the Director of the Center, with whom the field visit took place.

All sections were visited; From the agricultural machines Manufacturing workshop to the Industries, through the handicraft section, the modern fish farming complex, the garden, the renewable Energies, the plastic recycling and blowing sections … No place was forgotten as the USAID representative showed interest in everything. For almost three (3) hours, Alex Deprez visited every corner and nook of Songhai Center, under the leadership of Fr Nzamujo, director of Songhai Center. At the end of the tour, the Director of the USAID’s Regional Mission for West Africa, based in Accra, Ghana, expressed a surprise. “What I have seen goes beyond what I had heard,” he said, adding that USAID had assisted Songhai in its early years and it’s good to see that not only the Center is independent, but it is also a reference, in terms of agricultural entrepreneurship and development model.


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