Four members of Songhaï Community have been admitted on retirement. They were honored on June 4 during a cocktail offered for the occasion at Songhaï.

Four were expected at the ceremony, but three were present. And the atmosphere was friendly in the Songhaï air-conditioned restaurant that afternoon. All eyes were focused on Juliette Hakpon (Valet), Célestin Djossou (launderer) and Pierre Agossou (driver) respectively, 5 years, 6 years and 20 years of service to Songhaï. As they were being honored, heads and members of Songhaï Community hailed their sense of responsibility and commitment to Songhaï in its daily fight for integral development of man and the welfare of the African people. For Fr Godfrey Nzamujo, Director of Songhaï, their admission to retirement in not a farewell to Songhaï. « It’s only a goodbye since you are members of Songhaï » he reminded them.

The new retired workers did not lack words to thank Songhaï Community for the collaboration and the support during all these years of work. To Fr Nzamujo, they expressed their gratitude for the trust that he had in them and especially for his kindness to them. Having been members of Songhaï Community helped them to build themselves socially and ensure their family responsibilities, according to Juliette Hakpon. With emotion, she recalled how her son was able to pursue and complete his studies thanks to her recruitment in Songhai.

Apart from their entitlements, Songhaï Community also expressed to them its recognition. It offered them Songhaï products. The cocktail organized for them ended the ceremony.  


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