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Purchasing imported products impedes development. To avoid this, we market and sell our products and services. At the same time we are helping people to eat healthy. Our agricultural products are marketed locally in Porto Novo, as well as at other Songhai Centers and shops in Benin and countries in which we operate. Our products also are available on the shelves of many supermarkets in Benin, thus they are available to customers outside Porto-Novo. We also offer home delivery services (on order 24 hours in advance).

We have noticed a high level of loyalty for all of our products from our customers. Every day there are lines of customers at our stores and service centers. This shows that people really are aware of the need to consume what is produced locally and in conditions they know.

We open our production facilities to all users and visitors to our center, in this way people have the opportunity to see where their purchases are grown and produced.

Visitors who wish to eat in our restaurants are able to enjoy the all-organic African and European dishes that we prepare. Our variety of accommodation facilities enable those who stay with us to enjoy the wonders of nature and obtain all the services they need without having to exit the center. We have a call center/office; offer communication, internet, and currency exchange services; and have entertainment, a swimming-pool, chapel, as well as and meeting and conference rooms. We also offer training in all areas of our activities. For travel needs, we have cars and other vehicles that provide safe and dependable transportation services.



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