An experiment based on moringa leaf extracts conducted on fifty (50) layers in Songhai Centre, concluded that moringa enhances the quality of eggs and increases egg production in chickens.

The experiment consisted in mixing 1 ml of Moringa leaf extract and 1g of the powder of the same plant with the Feed usually consumed by the birds. After ten days, the results are quite remarkable. A comparison between the eggs of birds treated and birds of the control band – also 50 birds – reveals that the color of the yolk of the first is clearer. The experiment continued with an increase of leaf extract dose (2ml) and the moringa powder (2g) per kilogram of feed, concluded that the dosage also impacts the proportion of Egg yolk. Indeed, the more the moringa increased, the higher the yolk of the egg is of deep color.

The impact of this experience is not limited only to the egg yolk. According to the technicians of the Department of Animal Production, poultry laying rate increased from 32% – prior to the experiment to 80%. Also, it is noted that no case of death was observed in the birds treated, in contrast to the control band where some birds where some deaths were recorded.

Songhai Centre is a laboratory where many experiments are conducted to improve the quality and quantity of products.


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