The first batch of farmers receiving customized training recently initiated by the partners involved in the Project for the Promotion of Agricultural Entrepreneurship (PPEA) completed their training on Friday, September 18, 2015. The trainees received their training completion certificates that day in an official ceremony, which was attended by representatives of the various parties involved in the project.

After several batches of Benin youths trained in agricultural entrepreneurship, the partners – Songhai Centre, Benin Government (through CEPED) and UNDP – involved in the implementation of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Promotion Project (PPEA) decided to move to a new stage of customized training. In this new scheme, it is rather the farmers already in operation who receive capacity-building in their field of activity. Thus, the first batch of producers who went through such training was admitted in Songhai Centers for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship Agricultural (CPEAS) on July 27, 2015. They were 18 in total to spent six weeks in Kétou and Zagnanado centers, before completing in Songhai Regional Centre in Porto Novo, where they received their certificate. The two weeks spent on the ”mother-farm” helped the beneficiaries better understand the integrated system and how was born the idea of ​​the Songhai agricultural promotion centers where they were trained.

The producers are coming from all regions of Benin and were trained in crop production, animal production, agro-food processing and fish farming. The certificate award ceremony was attended by the Director of Songhai Centre, the Director of CEPED as well as the representative of the Program for Agricultural Diversification for the Valorization of Valleys (PDAVV). Thirty other agricultural producers are expected soon as the second batch.


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