Ambassadeur USA Tamlyn

I am very happy to see all that has been done here in the field of sustainable agriculture; it is really great and wonderful to see it all! I am very proud.” It is in these terms that Her Excellency Lucy Tamlyn, new ambassador of the United States of America in Benin, expressed her feelings at the end of her first visit to Songhai Centre in Porto Novo.

This Friday, January 22, 2016 indeed, the new Head of the US Diplomatic Mission in Benin visited Songhai Centre to discover and see firsthand what is being done and understand the development model promoted by Songhai initiative. Fr Godfrey Nzamujo – Director of Songhai Centre – led the tour in order to meet her expectations. He explained in full details to Her Excellency the Ambassador the philosophy that governs the actions of Songhai initiative, the principle of Songhai Integrated System, the concept of Rural Green Cities. He then showed her the various production units and their activities. From the realities she discovered, some have most struck her attention and also much amazed her. “I am really impressed by the use of the natural wealth of the earth to fertilize the soil and also the recycling of everything» she said.

The partnership between the United States of America and Songhai Centre dates back a long time ago and the visit of the new Ambassador to Benin is part of the collaboration that has always been “very fruitful,” said Lucy Tamlyn. The Head of the American diplomatic mission in Benin already reassured about her commitment to “seek all means to continue and maintain the partnership” Songhai Center-USA Embassy. “I congratulate Father Nzamujo and his team for all the work done in the field of sustainable agriculture,” concluded Lucy Tamlyn, who was accompanied to Songhai Centre by the Director of Peace Corps.


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