Al Light is the new partner recently approved by Songhai Centre to distribute its products exclusively. The opening ceremony of the shop took place on July 5, 2016 in Porto-Novo.

In Porto-Novo, Songhai products are not only available in the centre. Now they are also at Al Light which is approved to be part of distributors of Songhai products exclusively. The opening of this store comes after the signing of the partnership agreement between the heads of both companies.

For the promoter of Al Light, Franklin Saizonou, opening this shop meets the need to bring more Songhai products to customers and also to help potential customers discover the products. The products being organic, the challenge for him is to bring more people to eat healthy, to live well, and age well.

Belvue Akpatcho head of marketing in Songhai Centre was present at the inauguration ceremony of the new store. She commended the promoter for the laudable initiative which is the evidence of the appropriation of Songhai vision of which he is one of the many ambassadors. On behalf of the Director of Songhai and all Songhai community, she wished Al Light prosperity.

Al Light shop is located at Houinmè-Akossombo in Porto-Novo and offers many Songhai products including juices, syrups and drinking water, yogurt, pastry, eggs, etc. Franklin Saizonou, the promoter, was previously a trainee at Songhai Ouando. At the opening ceremony, his friends who were trainees with him mobilized themselves to support him.


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