From crop production to animal production through agroforestry, the situation on Songhai Gambia site (Songhai Gambia Initiative – SGI) is amazing. Cucumber, sweet corn, pepper, okra, onion, tomato and amaranth are crops that are beautifully growing on ​​1.5 hectares of land. On another one (1) hectare of land, there are 1800 moringa seedlings, 2000 papaya seedlings and 5000 acacia in nurseries. Food crops including maize (30.5ha), groundnut (6.5ha), beans (10ha) and millet (7ha) are also on 54 hectares of land.

Before finishing animal farm constructions, 39 cattle are pasturing on the site. 60 sheep as well as layer chicks will soon be added. The center already sells its products, especially garden products which are well appreciated by customers.

This performance was achieved thanks to five technicians sent from the Songhai Regional Centre in Porto-Novo (Benin) since May 2015, for the establishment of a mother-farm in Charmen. They were joined last August by 29 Gambian youths trained at Songhai Regional Centre. Under the supervision of the five Songhai mentors, they will ensure the transfer of skills to 40 trainees to be recruited


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