They are three technicians from Songhai Regional Centre ensuring the establishment of the Songhai model on the site of Bensonville. The achievements for August are commendable. For crop production, there are 34 beds of sweet corn, 17 beds of okra, 19 beds of green beans and 16 beds of cucumber. There is a nursery of 400 moringa plants. In agroforestry, there was staking, hole digging and transplanting of 120 pawpaw plants and 150 plantain plants. In terms of food crops, 555m² of soybean and a quarter (¼) of hectare of rice are harvested for use as seeds. Very soon, rice and cassava will be produced respectively on 4 and ½ ha of land already developed. Fish farming is also being developed: 250 Tilapia fish are introduced for multiplication.


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