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The lovers of St-Michel and St Honore-the patron saints of pastry-makers and bakers will rejoice. For a few days now, new pastry products have started to be sold at the commercial center and at Songhai restaurant in Porto-Novo. The staff of the Bakery and pastry section has been trained by a volunteer from the Canadian Organization CESO.

The transfer of skills lasted two weeks, from January 19 to February 3, 2017, a period during which Adéline Morisset felt very inspired by her work environment. “I found a dynamic, smart and very open-minded staff with an important background; I also found diverse raw materials produced locally that inspired me a lot, “the expert said at the end of her stay at Songhai Center in Porto-Novo.

The French-Canadian volunteer from CESO already has about twenty years of experience in the profession. During her stay in Songhai, she realized many recipes from the Center’s wide range of products – especially fruit and vegetables.

Meringue, muffin, tartelette, philouze, vol au vent, palmier… are the names of some of the products made by the staff of the center who now have the know-how.


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