His Excellency, Dr Okezie Victor Okpeazu was visiting Songhaï in Porto-Novo on Thursday June 18, 2015. Accompanied by a large delegation, the Governor of Abia State in Nigeria came “to see the miracle taking place in Songhaï”.

The Governor is convinced that when one is able to produce energy and even gas for cooking, from feces and other wastes, this means that one is making miracles. During his visit to Songhai, he did not hide his admiration to discover the many activities of the center, in strict respect of the environment. Furthermore, he realized that a production system such as Songhai solves at the same time, many problems that governments are facing, and which they have been trying to resolve separately. Youth employment, poverty, healthy and quantity food and even urban and rural sanitation are all challenges that the replication of Songhai model in Abia state, and gradually in the 17 local communities in Abia, will meet.

Newly elected as Governor of Abia State, Dr. Victor Okezie Okpeazu promises to organize a retreat at Songhai Centre in Porto Novo, with all his executive board. This retreat will study and decide on the replication of Songhai model in Abia State.


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