Released on January 3, 2016 after eighteen (18) months in agricultural entrepreneurship training, the 53rd batch of Songhai trainees in Porto-Novo now have their certificate of training completion.

The handing over of certificates was done on Saturday, February 6, 2016, in an official ceremony held in the large conference hall of the Centre in Porto Novo. Family members, friends and others were present at the ceremony. Out of the seventy-three (73) trainees – including 17 girls – of the batch, sixty-five (65) have actually received their certificate; the remaining eight (8) were referred. Among the recipients, six (6) had a Fairly good grade and fifty-nine (59) were just Good. Laurent Tossou is the first of the batch with an average score of 13.22; Then came Zinhounhoun Félix (12.66) and Franklin D. S. Saizonou (12.16). For all the three, it is their passion for agriculture that has helped them overcome the difficulties encountered during the eighteen months of the training. As their peers, they are also aware that much remains to be done to become full-fledged agricultural entrepreneurs. The certificate that was issued to them is actually a recognition to move to the second stage of the training: that of the implementation of the concepts acquired and the progressive social and professional integration under the supervision of the trainers of the Centre.

The certification ceremony was an opportunity for the members of Songhai training department to explain to trainees the assessment system, the value of the training and the various areas involved.


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