Released a month earlier, trainees of the 52nd batch were in Songhai on Saturday, August 8, 2015 to receive their training completion certificates. It was during an official ceremony organized for them at the Great Hall of Centre Songhai in Porto Novo, and attended by parents, friends and others.

Out of the 63 trainees in the batch, 61 actually received their certificate. The two trainees, who failed, will continue the training for a period of three months from October 1, 2015. Didier Dohou, Jacques Florent Akandé and Jean Ayédédjou are the top three respectively with 12.73 – 12.33 and 12.26. For them, this result is not by chance, but rather, the outcome of efforts made “with courage and perseverance” as much from parents than from themselves, since January 3, 2014 (date of commencement of their training at Songhai Ouando) until June 30, 2015 (end of training) that is a total of 18 months of training in agricultural entrepreneurship based on the values ​​advocated by Songhai Centre. Justin Fanou TOSSE in particular, expressed his gratitude to Fr Nzamujo, Founder and Director of Songhai Centre, for showing him the way of truth: agricultural entrepreneurship.


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