A handicap is not a fatality. This statement was so well understood by RAPHAL that the organization decided to train ten physically challenged people at Songhai center.

Welcoming these people in April 2016, Songhai center took the challenge of transforming them in socio-economic entrepreneurs. After 3 months of training in various production units, the Centre rose to the challenge. Both the trainees and the members of the Training and Production departments who trained them recognized this. During a meeting with the Director of the center held on July 2, 2016, all ten trainees were unanimous: the three months training exceeded their expectations. Their main cause of satisfaction was the highly practical aspect of the training they received despite their handicap. They insisted that such training will enable them, not only to work in the sectors they have chosen to specialize in, but also to train others willing to get involved in agribusiness.

Amazed and admiring, the Director of Songhai Center praised their commitment and determination. “I saw some of you on the field and I was in awe. Because you sometimes do more than those with no handicap.” said Father Godfrey Nzamujo before rectifying: “You are not handicapped”. Indeed, he added “You brought courage, the real driving force, and that is in your heart”. He wished to see them continue out of Songhai, with the same discipline, commitment and work ethics they have shown in the center. It is only at that price that they will be able to succeed and achieve great things.

The training was initiated and fully paid by RAPHAL, the Network of associations of physically challenged people in Atlantique and Littoral regions of Benin. The mission of the Network is to significantly and sustainably reduce marginalization of physically challenged people in Atlantique and Littoral regions by involving them in the professional world and development process.

Now well equipped, the ten physically challenged leaders will have to impart their training to forty other physically challenged persons in the two regions. Following that impartation, five of them will set up a cooperative and establish a project that will be supported by the partners of RAPHAL, such as the National Fund for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment (FNPEEJ), the National Employment Agency  (ANPE), municipalities of Atlantique and Littoral regions, etc… 


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