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A large delegation from Lagos State in Nigeria was in Songhai Center in Porto-Novo on Friday, 17 February. The authorities of that State came to talk with the Songhai Center in order to study how to pursue the work begun by their predecessors with the Center.

Their objective is clear! Carrying out a study visit to the “Mother-farm” and exchange with the authorities, the Director of Songhai Center, on the ways to establish a new partnership. That was the mission entrusted to them by the Governor of State of Lagos in Nigeria who was unable to make the trip.

Recently, His Excellency Ambode Akinwunmi Dapole visited the site of Songhaï Lagos Initiative, where work has been slowed down considerably due to the last general elections. Impressed by the infrastructure and the agricultural production existing on the site, the Governor decided to make contact with Songhaï for the activities to resume as soon as possible.

The delegation of fourteen (14) members, came to Songhai on 17 February 2017. It is composed of the Minister of Agriculture and some of his executives, Permanent Secretaries to the Government, deputies and special advisers, including the Adviser on Food Security, the Adviser on Foreign Affairs and Investment and the Adviser on Education and Finance … For almost two hours, they had a full study visit of the Center, a tour during which Fr. Godfrey Nzamujo answered their questions.


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